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4 months ago

☠️ Skull Network Presents: Minecraft Building Tournament! ☠️


Calling all crafters, builders, and architects of the virtual world! Prepare to showcase your creativity and construction prowess in the inaugural Minecraft Building Tournament, hosted by Skull Network!


❓What: Minecraft Building Tournament

📆When: 17/03/2024

🕒Time: 12:00 PM

🕸 Theme: HAUNTED

🌐Platform: Both Java and PE players



1️⃣ 100 Ruppees or 150k In-game Cash + Title of Master Builder!

2️⃣ 50 Ruppees or 70k In-game Cash

3️⃣ Knight Rank [1 week]


Prepare to embark on an adventure filled with blocks, imagination, and endless possibilities! Whether you're a redstone wizard, a landscape architect, or a castle connoisseur, this tournament is your chance to shine!


- Register Via Skull Network's official website.



- Show off your building skills and prove yourself as the ultimate Minecraft architect.

- Win exclusive in-game rewards / real money and earn recognition from the Minecraft community.

- Connect with fellow builders and exchange inspiration and ideas.

- Experience the thrill of friendly competition in the beloved world of Minecraft.

- Get ready to unleash your creativity, gather your materials, and embark on a building adventure like never before! Whether you're a solo builder or a team of creators, this tournament is your chance to leave your mark on the Minecraft universe.


For more information and registration, visit https://skullnetwork.fun/event/. Let the building begin and may the best builder emerge victorious in the Minecraft Building Tournament!



Team Skull Network

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